Discover Rabaul

Rabaul offers many unique and amazing experiences all just waiting to be discovered. There is literally a limitless range of activities that will keep you occupied while in Rabaul from trekking, fishing, snorkelling, diving, mountain climbing, harbour cruises and island trips.


Hot Spring with Mt Tavurvur volcano in the background.

Rabaul is one of the few places on earth where you can get up close and personal with an active volcano. Book into our Rabaul Highlights Tour today to experience and enjoy some of the most picturesque sceneries that Rabaul and its volcanoes have to offer. Rabaul is indeed a photographers’ paradise!

Cultural Experience

Mask Festival

For those seeking to experience a bit of tradition and culture, Rabaul is home to the famous National Mask Festival. The National Mask Festival is a spectacular cultural festival that brings together traditional singsing groups from all over PNG mainly featuring elaborate traditional masks and an amazing conglomeration of colour, beauty and culture.

The Baining Fire Dance

Baining Fire Dance

The Baining Fire Dance is an amazing and indeed awesome traditional dance performed only at sacred locations and only by men. During the Fire Dance, men wear an amazing mask and dance on a huge fire literally bare-footed without getting their feet burnt. The Baining Fire Dance is an amazing ritual performed by the Baining people from inland East New Britain, and who are believed to be original inhabitants of the Rabaul area. To arrange a Fire Dance performance contact our Rabaul Discovery Tours team today or book into our Mask Festival Package now and secure a space today.

WWII Relics

Kokopo War Museum

The history of Rabaul is one of wreckage and re-growth and modern historians will find a treasure trove of World War Two relics, tunnels and caverns to explore within driving distance of Rabaul. Rabaul was the Japanese headquarters in the South Pacific during WWII. In fact Admiral Yamamoto, the very person who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor last stepped foot on Rabaul before he was killed on Bougainville while trying to fly to Honiara. Tanks, ships, bunkers, battlegrounds, aircrafts and approximately 360 miles of underground tunnels dug during WWII by the Japanese can be found in most areas around Rabaul and are just waiting to be discovered by the adventurous traveller!

Harbour Cruise

If you think you have seen all of Rabaul and its picturesque beauty by just driving around Rabaul or appreciating the amazing view from the Volcano Observatory Lookout and the many other lookouts in Rabaul, you can be rest assured that the harbour cruise will give you yet another totally different angle of the beauty of Rabaul. A Harbour cruise will take you up close and personal with the Beehives in the Simpsons Harbour, Matupit Island and of course Mt Tavurvur Volcano. Snorkelling can be arranged during the harbour cruise.

Island Tour

Enjoy a day trip to the Duke of York group of islands. The island tour is a wonderful way to spend your day in Rabaul exploring the many little islands and snorkelling some of the most pristine waters in the world that are populated with a huge variety of sea life.