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Aug. 1, 2019

Priscilla Kavana

JICA PNG Office arranged a study tour for its Japanese Volunteers & staff, a total of 46 people on 30JUL 2019. Dominic San & Florence San, the wonderful tour guides arrived on time & divided the volunteers into 2 x 25 seater vans which transported the
guests to the various WWII memorial sites in Rabaul Town including the beautiful hot springs & the Rabaul Volcanoe Observatory. It was a unique experience with no complaints but instead everyone was full of appreciation of the study tour as it was both knowledgeable
& emotional for them as they learnt of the fate of the fallen Japanese soldiers.

Thank you for this opportunity & we would definitely recommend your tour company to others. Arigatou gozaimasu.

Jul. 22, 2019

Maree Grego

Dominic and his team met us recently when we (four of us) visited Kokopo for the Mask Festival. We spent a week exploring Rabaul and Kokopo and all their places of interest. Kokopo Village Resort was lovely and central to all places we visited and the
staff went out of their way to make our stay enjoyable. Special mention to team member Florence Sosol who along with Dominic, went beyond 100% assisting us and answering our 101 questions, patiently waiting and adapting to our ever changing requests. We will
definitely return

Jun. 20, 2019


Dominic was an absolutely fantastic tour guide, full of incredible knowledge and a great sense of humour! We were only in Rabaul for short time, and can't wait to go back and learn more about the area and history from Dominic.

Jun. 13, 2019


We would absolutely recommend Dominic as a tour guide! His knowledge, humour and passion is incredible! I'm so thankful we got the chance to meet him and look forward to the next time we are in Rabaul!

May. 28, 2019


Well done. Dominic is a true professional. Great tour guide. Highly recommend!

May. 27, 2019

Mike Hutcheson

... I didn't have your group show us around, but did have one of your mentors take us to places and tell us the history that we didn't know ... he became a friend of mine ... Gideon Kakabin.

Website May. 26, 2019

Zhon Bosco Miriona

Hi Dominic the tour for today was fantastic. Your presentation was very clear and i did learn a lot of things about Rabaul today..

I recommend you and your company to look after all tours when MV Taka comes to ENB.

Aug. 3, 2018

Renee and Darian

Dominic was a fabulous guide for our visit to Kokopo, we spent a day exploring Rabaul and nearby islands and then were privileged to see some of the Mask Festival. It was an unforgettable trip, thank you!