Cruise Ship Shore Excursion Experience In Rabaul

A cruise ship sailing into Rabaul.

Over the years we have handled shore excursions in Rabaul for different cruise ships. We are currently the shore excursion agent in Rabaul for Carnival Australia Brands, P&O Cruises and Princess Cruises

We also occassionally handle shore excursions for Crystal Cruises and French Luxury Cruiseline - PONANT.

See below a list of our current cruise ship tours.

RABAUL VOLCANIC TOUR / Volcanological Observatory & North Coast

A panoramic view from the Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO).

Departing the wharf, take in the mesmerising north coast during this incredible half-day adventure that starts with a scenic trip through Rabaul, a township which was destroyed during a volcanic eruption in 1994. Climb the slopes of Tovanumbatir, one of eight active vents in the Rabaul caldera, to reach the Volcanological Observatory, which closely monitors 14 active and 23 dormant volcanoes. Departing the Observatory, take in awe-inspiring views of Simpson Harbour and the island's mountainous skyline, as you make your way to a Tolai village whose inhabitants have adapted to life under an active volcano. Take the time to browse and perhaps purchase some of the crafts hand-created by the villagers. Next, head for Mount Tavurvur, which violently erupted in 1937 and 1994. It’s here you can witness the Hot Springs, a naturally-occurring phenomenon occurring when natural springs are heated to a boil by an underwater volcanic vent. As you depart the Hot Springs, you pass the old Rabaul Airport - destroyed by the 1994 volcanic eruption – and arrive at Air Wreck. View Japanese warplanes half-buried in ash, a testament to the power of the eruption. Then sit back and relax as you take in the picturesque journey back to port.

WAR AND COLONIAL HISTORY TOUR / Bita Paka War Cemetery, Kokopo War & Cultural Museum

The Cross of Sacrifice in the middle of the Bitapaka War Cemetery.

Soak up Papua New Guinea’s remarkable beauty and turbulent history on this amazing tour. Beginning with a picturesque drive along Kokopo Road, discover the base of Mt. Vulcan, whose 1994 eruption destroyed the township of Rabaul. At your first stop, take a moment to admire the remarkable engineering feat of the fortified Japanese barge tunnels, part of over 300 miles of underground pathways designed to conceal munitions stores, hospitals and more. Next, head for the Kokopo War & Cultural Museum to view an intriguing and impressive collection of Japanese WWII relics, vehicles, weapons, historical photos and artefacts, gathered during Japan's occupation of Rabaul. Also see compelling aircraft fuselage gathered during the last 60 years, including the painted nosecone of an American B-17 bomber. Before heading back to the ship, take a moment to reflect at your last stop - the Bita Paka War Cemetery. Home to over one thousand graves for Allied and Australian soldiers who died defending Rabaul from the Japanese during WWII, it’s an insightful conclusion to the tour.

Rabaul Cultural Festival

Papua New Guinea is a very diverse country with an amazing 800 different languages, cultures and traditions. Rabaul people are known for rich cultural heritage endowed in the spiritual realm of their ancestors and passed down from generations. A culture driven by ancestral spirits portrayed by ritual, melody, chants, rhythm and movement. Unite with the people of Rabaul to celebrate a unique and fascinating culture.

At this Festival you get the special opportunity to interact with the locals and be part of the traditional rituals, taste a traditional dish, or experience the use of the traditional shell money which is still widely used and accepted in the province.